saranghae ALLAH

a simple-minded person..intend to be the khalifah of ALLAH..
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SUBHANALLAH..1st Ramadhan magnificent view at my university..

Ramadhan is here..make sure to use all the chances to multiply our deeds in the month of blessing, Ramadhan..:D

what a magnificent view..SUBHANALLAH..:D

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clear water peaceful just by looking at it?

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found that it’s hard to wake up for fajr?then, try using these methods..:D

seconds were given by well did we use it to be grateful to Him?

fly to the sky..:D

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the pillars of islam..:)

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ALLAH..u’re my all and only everlasting love..”loving flower, it will wither. loving human, human will die sooner or later. loving Allah, He will be there forever and ever.”…SARANGHAE ALLAH..^.^

this life is about helping each other..the same thing goes to da’wah..we must help others to be in the right path..not pushing them away..coz they may be the one that will stop u from entering jannah..they will ask “WHY??u didn’t help me to come back to Allah?”..